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Year  Energy Conservation - 2023
Proceedings of 81st Annual Convention of STAI
Advent of Effective Bio Additive Treatment Methodology for Preservation of B-heavy Molasses
- Narendra Mohan, Srikanteshwara, Anushka Akash Kanodia and Shruti Shukla
Brix Measurement in Sugar Industry by Indigenously Developed Microwave Brix Meter
-Tapas K. Bhuiya, Naresh N. Panchal, Kirtee K. Pardeshi and Vikalp Pratap Singh
Ethanol from Maize: A Potential Feed Stock
-Narendra Mohan
Ethanol Production at Enhanced Capacity Under No Pollution Load Increase - Case Study
-H.P.S. Bhatia, Munish Tyagi, Sudhir Kumar and Pradeep Ahuja
Improving Ethanol Quality & Production for the Betterment of Sugar Industry
- V.M. Kulkarni
Innovative Fixed Vane Scrubber ESP Upgrade to Meet < 50 mg/Nm3 Particulate Emission Norms
-Rajesh Verma and Prakhar
Optimization of Steam Consumption for Distillery Process Plant
- Sanjay Awasthi, Anurag Goyal, Kiran Dangwal and T. Giri Kannan
Reliable Technology to Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge by Treating Ammoniacal Nitrogen Rich BMSW Evaporator Condensate Distilleries and Making it an Integral Part of Process
- Abhishek Tripathi
Target E20-Sustainability
- Seema Paroha, Ashok Kumar and D. Swain
The Practise of Learning and Development in Indian Sugar Industry for Productivity Enhancement and Growth with its Practical Applications in TEIL
-Girish Kohli
An Emerging Scenario - Role of Professional Management at Jaywant Sugars Ltd
-C.N. Deshpande
An Integrated Approach to Recycle the Surplus Sugar Condensate in Distillery Process by CPU Plant : Toward Sustainable Conservation of the Ground Water Resource
- Anuj Kumar Pundir, Shivesh Kumar Singh and Sandeep Agarwal
Assessment of Carbon Footprint (GHGs Emissions) its Mitigation Measures for Sugarcane Industry
-Akhilesh Kumar Gupta, Ram Mohan Chauhan and Dharmendra Kr. Verma
Changes to the Design of Incineration and High Pressure Boilers with A Changing Scenario of Ethanol Production
- Arun Tiwari
Comparative Study on Different Syrup Preservation Methods
- Sandeep Badiger, R.B. Khandgave, Sunil Alappanavar and Shweta Bhandare
Data Analytics in Indian Sugar Industry
-Siddhi Sachi Pise
Manufacturing of Particle Board from Bagasse
-Deepak Bhatia
Optimizing the Diversification Era : A Way Forward
- Kuldeep Kumar, Amit Negi and Deepak Rawat
Raj – Zero Liquid Discharge. An Innovative Solution to Treat the Distillery Effluent (Spent Wash)
-Anilraj Vasant Pise
Sugarcane Syrup Preservation - A Combinatorial Approach
-Anil Kumar Rai, Divya Pandey and K.V.T.S. Pavan Kumar
Sweet Sorghum: A Wonder Crop
- Shalini Kumari, Mamta Shukla, Shruti Shukla and Himanshu Mishra
Treatment of Spray Water Overflow and 100 % Recycling of Treated Water at Saraswati Sugar Mills
- S.K. Sachdeva and Rajeev Mishra
Treatment of Sugar Factory Waste Water by Innovative Method
- Neelam Chaturvedi, Sudhanshu Mohan and Narendra Mohan
Utilization of Surplus Vapours from Sugar Plant for Concentration of Bio-methenated Spent Wash - Case Study
-Simanchala Panda, S. Jeelani, Y.S. Kadam and R.V. Dani