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The Sugar Technologists' Association of India (STAI) is an apex body of sugar industry professionals pursuing the cause of growth and development of sugar and allied industries in India through consultative and participatory process since its inception in 1925. Recognized by the Government of India as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, it is continuously striving to bring out cost effective and innovative technologies in sugar/power/alcohol and sugarcane farming to enhance productivity, quality and competitiveness.

The Association is run by an elected council of professionals headed by the President. The council is elected every three years by its own members. The council is assisted by Standing Committees on Research and Investigations, Publications, Uniform System of Chemical Control and Indian National Committee of ICUMSA.

STAI has nearly 3,500 members comprises of Corporate Membership of Sugar Factories, OEMs and SMEs, Institutional Memberships such as IITs, IIMs, NSI Kanpur, VSI Pune, SBI Coimbatore, IISR Lucknow, etc., Regional Associations and Industry Professionals. The Association is represented on leading International associations such as International Society of Sugarcane Technologists, International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis, International Association of Professionals in Sugar and Integrated Technologies, Sugar Industry Technologists Inc., etc.

The main objectives of the Association are as under:

     1. Promoting the cause and development of the sugar industry

     2. Provide policy support to serve the industry, farmers and other stakeholders alike

     3. Redressing issues of sugar & allied industry as per the recommendation of the ‘Council Members’ and Research & Investigation Committee using the established national laboratories

     4. Sponsoring or promoting schemes pertaining to research in the relevant areas of sugar & allied industry

     5. Serving as an authoritative professional body on the matters pertaining to the profession of sugar technology

     6. Printing, publishing, circulating the papers, periodicals journals, magazines, books and other technical & scientific literature connected with the profession

     7. Creating platforms such as scientific discourses, conventions, seminars, workshop or symposia for exchanging ideas of developments in the field of science & technology useful to the sugar & allied industry

     8. Providing opportunities of sharing research activities amongst the stakeholders

     9. Serving as a business platform for Indian and Global sugar industry professionals
           1. Research & Development Activities - STAI has a pool of experts and a cumulative store house of knowledge. It is instrumental in developing & promoting vital process technologies & state-of-the-art equipment for sugar industry applications. Under STAI R&D Initiative, the Association takes up consultancy services, R&D projects with the involvement/participation of members, sugar factories etc:

        i. Applied Research Work,
        ii. Extension Work,
        iii. Technical Audit,
      iv. Problems requiring research and development or investigational work in following disciplines :
              - Sugarcane Agriculture,
              -  Engineering,
              - Factory Processing,
              - Equipment Design,
              - Automation,
              - Co-products and
              - Environmental Protection etc.

            2) Services rendered to the industry & professionals - Sugar industry faces unique challenges year after year. To prepare industry meet these challenges on a sustainable basis, STAI conducts a variety of activities round the year. Main activities are as under:

        i. Seminars & Workshops - STAI organizes seminars and workshops on a variety of themes from time to time where free and frank deliberations are carried out for the benefit of its members.

        ii. Networking Opportunities - STAI events provide excellent networking opportunities with government officials, diplomats, leading names from sugar and allied industries.

        iii. Stay Ahead of Competition - STAI provides customized and value-added knowledge and information to its members ranging from business opportunities to important policy changes to help them stay ahead of the competition.

        iv. Interface between Government and the Industry - The Association acts as an interface between the Government & industry and raises the voice of industry at various platforms for redressing industry issues.

        v. Research and Policy Papers - STAI produces well researched background and policy papers on topical issues to initiate informed debate and discussion.

        vi. Taking the Industry Global - The products, technologies, processes and services rendered by the Indian sugar companies particularly by SMES are considered to be the most cost effective and efficient in the world. To promote the Products/ processes & services developed by the Indian sugar machinery manufacturers, STAI had been organizing national and international sugar exhibitions.