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Year  Factory Processing - 2018
Proceedings 76th Annual Convention
A Case Study on Colour Solid Balance at Dr. GDBL SSK Kundal
-Vikas Shamrao Chavan
A New Approach to Sugar Drying, Cooling and Conditioning System
-Vyom Shankar Dubey, Ashwin Dubey, Arinadam Dubey & Dilip S. Jain
A Study on Working of Vertical Continuous PAN for Raw Massecuite Boiling
-Narendra Mohan, Ashutosh Bajpai & Subhash Chandra
Advanced Brine Recovery Scheme with Zero Liquid Discharge for IER Based Refinery
-Anup Kesarwani & Vijay Kant Baliyan
An Experience of Pan Boling with Mechanical Circulator on Third Body Vapour
-S.A. Salave & S.S. Ghatage
Clarification of Intermediate Process Liquors for Improvement in Sugar Quality
-Narendra Mohan, Ashutosh Bajpai, M.P. Singh
Comparison of Efficiency of Rising Film and Falling Film Evaporator as First Effect M.E.E
-Chhote Lal
Eco-Friendly Cleaning System for Cane Sugar Process House by Avoiding Chemical Use
-Simanchal Panda, R.R. Patil & R.V. Dani
Elimination of Latent Period by Power Ultrasound (PUS) During Crystallization of Sucrose
-by Kaman Singh, Satya Prakash Gupta, Ashok Kumar & Ajay Kumar
Limitations of Fundamental Formula used for Sugar Mill Chemical Control
-M.B. Londhe & R.B. Khandagave
Our Experience of Controlling Dextran and Sugar Losses at Pandavi Sugars
-Amrutlal H. Patel, Himanshu Tailor & V.M. Kulkarni
Performance of New Design Batch Pan Calendria at A Glance
-Deepak Khandewal, Gurubux Singh & Vivek Verma
Reducing Clear Juice Turbidity Resulting from Film Type Sulphur Burner
-Vijay P. Singh, Ashish Kr. Singh & Siddhartha Shanker Srivastava
Reduction in Emission of SO2 from Sugar Mills
-R.V. Dani, V.P. Sidanale, R.R. Patil & L.S. Dalvi
Scale Formation in Spray and Injection Water Cooling System and its Effect on Manufacturing Process-Root Cause Analysis and Remedial Action
-Sanjay Rastogi, Harkirat Singh & Pawan Kumar Gupta
Self Sustained Distillery With ZLD – A Success Story
-Sanjay Awasthi, Anoop Singh, V.K. Luthra, Harsh Vardhan & Anurag Goyal
Splitter Box, A Juice Distribution Device for Multiple Juice Clarifiers
-Vikas Thakur & S.D. Mali
Stagewise Bagacillo Removal System
-R.R. Ijate, G.V. Harale & B.G. Chavanke