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Year  General - 2018
Proceedings 76th Annual Convention
A New Age Technology of Bio Composting in Sugar Industries
-P.N. Singh Sishodia
A Viable, Robust and Low Cost Technology to Treat MEE Condensate and to Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge in the Sugar and Ethanol industry
-Jacopo De Steffani, Mark Silvius & Anoop Singh
An Opportunity of Air Conditioning Using Heat Recovery
-Dinesh Balasaheb Uphade
Bio-Economy and Bio-Refineries – Renewable Energy Technology Hub: The Sugarcane Industry of the Future
-N.K. Shukla & M.K. Biswas
Bio-Fuels: Future Fuels
-Satinder Kaur & Kamalpreet Kaur
Economics of Ethanol Production by Different Feed Stock - Answer to Cyclic Challenge of Indian Sugar Industry
-Sanjay Awasthi, Anurag Goyal & Gaurav Awasthi
Improving Profitability of Distilleries with Various ZLD Options Using Energy Efficient Innovative “E-max2” Technology
-Sanjay Desai & Sandeep Chichbankar
Incineration – Only Solution for Z.L.D
-K.P. Singh
Isolation of Yeast Strain from Spoilt Sugarcane Juice
-Vinitanjali Banerjee, Santosh Kumar & Narendra Mohan
Managing the Performance of Employee through Motivation for Organizational Growth
-Girish Kohli
Operating Sugar Plant at Critical Financial Position 2017-18
-V. Subburathnam
Pilot Plant Study for Treatment of Spray Pond Water Overflow Using RO Technology at Saraswati Sugar Mills
-S.K. Sachdeva & Rajeev Mishra
Significance of Right Organizational Culture Fit with Effective Leadership for Productivity Enhancement in the Sugar Industry
-Girish Kohli
Sustainability of Sugar Industry by B Heavy Diversion for Ethanol Production
-Shanti Kumar Pandey & P.N. Singh Sishodia
Water Management at Shree Datta Sakhar Karkhana, Kolhapur
-T.N. Singh