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Year  Agriculture - 2018
Proceedings 76th Annual Convention
Adoption of Technologies to Sustain the Productivity and Sugar Recovery
-J.P. Singh
Effect of Sempra 75 Wg (Halosulfuron Methyl) + Boosten 70 WP (Metribuzin) on Cane Yield of Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum L.) in Northern States
-R.P. Srivastava & O.P. Singh
Evaluation of Genotypes/Varieties for Resistance to SMUT Disease Under Artificial Disease Condition
-B.H. Pawar, J.H. Yadav & R.S. Hapase
Evaluation of Promising Sugarcane Clones (Saccharum spp.) for Drought Tolerance
-R. Gomathi, P. Govindaraj, Bakshi Ram & K. Ramachandiran
Fertigation in Sugarcane as Per Crop Growth Stages
-P.P. Shinde
Field Scale Spatial Variability of Chemical Properties of Lonarwadi Research Farm of VSI Using Geostatistical Approach
-Preeti Deshmukh & Jyoti Kharade
Healthy Sugarcane to Achieve Targeted Yield – A Farmer’s Perspective
-Karanjeet Singh Dhaliwal
Impact of Partnerships on Sustainable Sugarcane Development at Scale
-Harsh Vivek, R.P. Singh, Suparna Jain & Prashant Pastore
Influence of Crop Geometry on Sugarcane Yield
-P. Ashok Kumar & N. Sivasamy
Performance of Early Sugarcane Clones Under Waterlogged Conditions
-V. Satya Priya Lalitha, G. Venkateswara Rao, V.V. Punna Rao, T. Sujatha & K. Jhansi
Pest Management in Sugarcane through Non-Chemical Options: Strengths and Challenges
-S.N. Sushil
Public-Private-Farmer Partnership (PPFP) Model in Sugarcane to Double Farmers’ Income
-A.K. Sah & A.D. Pathak
Statistical Studies on Sugarcane Production, Market Attributes Relating to Global Climate Change
-S.D. Dutta, V.Katiyar & R.S. Katiyar
Sugarcane Cultivation in the Nimar Region : Challenges & Opportunities
-Avdhesh Yadav & Shripal Gujar
Sugarcane Genotypes for Sustainable Sugar Production In Sub-Tropical India
-Priyanka Singh, M.M. Singh & J. Singh
Sugarcane Price Determination in India - Need for A Hybrid Formula
-Narendra Mohan, D. Swain & Priyanka Singh
Variety Identification Descriptor for Surveying Sugarcane Fields in Formative Phase
-R.K. Singh & J. Singh
VSI 12121- A High Yield, High Sugared Sugarcane Variety for Maharashtra
-R.S. Hapase & J.M. Repale