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Year  Factory Processing - 2022
e-Proceedings of 80th Annual Convention of STAI
Additional Monetary Gain with increase in Mixed Juice% Cane by Sustaining the Steam Consumption
-K.Gangadharam, S.Panda & R.V.Dani
Enhancement of Ethanol Yield by using Defecated Syrup in Place Of Single Sulphited Syrup
-S. Panda, N. Mahana, Y.S.Kadam & R.V.Dani
HACCP Implementation for Jaggery Processing
-Ashok Kumar Garg, Anushka Akash Kanodia & Shruti Shukla
Preliminary Trials on partial Cane Juice Concentration through Reverse Osmosis Technology
-Narendra Mohan,Ashok Kumar Garg, Anurag Verma & Priya Bajpai
Sugar Quality Improvement while Diverting BH & Syrup for Ethanol Production
-Vidyasagar Sidanale, Veekas Sondckar & Sandeep Thorat
Sulphate Removal from Spray-Pond-Water
-Alok Kumar Dixit
A Case Study of Modern Batch PAN Automation Implementation with online Optical Crystal Monitoring System
-Anoop Singh & Harshvardhan
Control of Shock Lime pH Variations by Data Driven Modelling on Machine Learning
-Pankaj Singh, O.S. Shukla,Alok Singh & Anil Khare
Conversion of Process from Double Sulphitation to DRP+IER along with Diversion of B-Heavy Molasses
-R.C. Singhal & Shailendra Mani Tripathi
Idyllic Method to select Refining Technology for Backend Refinery
-R Babu , Vidyasagar Sidanale & K P Vasanthan
Production of Quality Bolder Grain Sugar in Shri Gurudatt Sugars Ltd.- A Case Study
-A.J. Pawar, H.M. Nagaragi, B.S. Kotabagi & R.V. Dani
Raw Sugar Production for Export and Potentiality for Sale in Domestic Market
-R.V Dani & Simanchala Panda
Syrup Diversion from Sulphitation Plant to Distillery- An Experience
-Pankaj Singh, O.S. Shukla, Anil Khare & Dhananjai Kumar Rai