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Year  Agriculture - 2023
Proceedings of 81st Annual Convention of STAI
Effectiveness of Mechanical Control of Sugarcane Top Borer
-Kuldeep Kumar, Ashish Tripathi and Ajeet Kumar
Efficacy of Metarhizium Anusopliae (Meschinik Off) Sorokin and Insecticides Against Sugarcane White Grub, Holotrichia Serrata (Fabricius)
-Manjunath Chouraddi, R.B. Khandgave, N.R. Yekkeli and R.B. Sutagundi
Impact of Weather Parameters on Tasseling and Yield Reduction of Sugarcane During 2022 Crushing Season in Western Maharashtra
- B.P. Patil and B.M. Jamadagni
Integrated Pest Management for Top Borer Management
-Abhishek, Hari Om Sharma, S.P. Singh and Manager Singh
CaneGro: A Productivity Enhancer, on Farms & Sugar Mills
-Chinmay Sardespande
Changing Philosophy of Genetic Improvement in Sugarcane to Address Varied Challenges and Opportunities
-G. Hemaprabha
Co 14012 - A Climate Resilient Superior Variety for Tropical &Sub-Tropical India
-R. Gomathi, D. Pooja, R. Arun Kumar, V. Krishna Priya, K. Elayaraja,M. Alagupalamuthirsolai and G. Hemaprabh
Consortium of New Sucrose Rich Sugarcane Varieties for Higher Sugar Productivity in Peninsular Zone
-C. Appunu, K. Mohanraj and G. Hemaprabha
CoVSI 18121-An Erect Growing, Promising Sugarcane Genotype for Higher Cane Productivity in Peninsular Zone
- R.S. Hapase
Effect of Trash Ulching on Cane Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Sugarcane Under Drip and Surface Irrigation
-P.P. Shinde
Effect of Two Systemic Fungicides Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenoconazole 11.4% Against Red Rot Management in Sugarcane
-R.P. Srivastava, B.S. Tomar, A.K. Misra and A.S. Tomar
Evaluation of Promising Sugarcane Genotypes at VSI
- J.M. Repale and R.S. Hapase
Impact of Farmers Participatory Mission Using OOS Sanjeevani Package for Boosting Sugarcane Yield in Tembhurni (Dist. Sholapur) Sugar Factory Command
-Sanjiv Mande, B.P. Patil, Narayan Lagad and Ajinkya Mane
Impact of Sub Surface Drainage System on Soil Properties and Crop Yield
-G.A. Patil, M.V. Patil, S.S. Heganna and A.S. Patil
Isolation and Characterization of Manganese Solubilizing Bacteria for Increasing Availability of Manganese in Sugarcane
- Sudha Ghodke
Overview of the Technological Adoption in Sugar Cane Production in the Western Part of the Sub Tropical Area
-D.B. Phonde
Physical and Chemical Components of Different Saccharum Species
-Thangavelu and P. Rakkiyappan
Response of Sugar Cane Varieties to Dates of Planting and Harvesting Age
- N.R. Yekkeli, R.B. Khandagave R.B. Sutagundi and M.B. Chouraddi
Selection of New Sugarcane Genotypes Using an Efficient Selection Method Through Discriminant Function Analysis
-S. Alarmelu, Anna Durai and G. Hemaprabha
Sugarcane Settling Transplanting Technology for Improving Yield and Profit Maximization
-A. Vennila, S. Anusha, C. Palaniswami and P. Malathi
The Impact of Time of Planting on the Productivity and Quality of Early and Mid-late Sugarcane Varieties
-Priyanka Singh, Subhash Chandra Singh and S.K. Shukla